Trip Planning

Trip planning, is an important step before you travel. It can ensure you have a smooth and pleasant journey. We are here to assist you, plan and advise the best itinerary to suit you as well as do the arrangement for you, save your time on trip preparation.

Logistic Planning

Logistic planning, no matter is for travel purpose or deliver your item from a place to another place, we are here to assist you. We plan and advise the best routing in order save your time to reach your destination or your item drop off point.

Who We Are

Planner, a person whose job is to plan something.
We are planner, focus on planning and giving advise for your trip.
To ensure you have a unique and pleasant journey.
On the last 15 years experience,
ASENN WORLD PLANNER (202103289349) (SA0592568-U)
assists more than 100 groups of individual or organization to plan and arrange their trip.

Our Partners

We strategic cooperation with partners, to ensure all the arrangements are in order and run smoothly at the destination. Not only travel within Malaysia, but also included travel at oversea.

Tailor-Made Your Trip, Peace of Mind to Travel